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Shot Explorer Software

Our soon to be released Shot Explorer software fully integrates with the BC100 series Chronoscopes. It allows the entire shot and string memories to be downloaded and analysed further. It can export the data to comma delimited file for import into Excel.

shotexplorerWindows Version

Shooters often wonder what effect the gun/bullet variation has on their shooting accuracy. The graph shown above is the effect of dropping below 100 Bar on a PCP rifle. It has always been possible to work this out using shooting tables but for the first time we integrate this into our Shot Explorer software and directly link to the Chronoscope.

shotexplorermacMac Version

Our software will also dynamically calculate the group size for a range of target distances based on the shot memory or string. It will also show Absolute velocity, Retained velocity, Absolute power, Retained power and Flight time for a selected target distance.

Our Shot Explorer software is currently in beta and will be released summer 2015 for both PC and Mac. Both versions will have the same feature set. This software requires a BC100 or better to function unit as the BC50 unit does not have multi-shot memory.