-----Precision Chronoscopes-----


Display Types

We supply our BC series units with a choice of displays. As with most things there is always a trade off to be made and the final choice depends on your intended usage pattern and personal preference.

OLED. Very fast response and high contrast but can be difficult to read in direct sunlight as you find with a typical smart phone.

LCD. Far less contrast than the OLED and much slower response but more readable in direct sunlight.

Generally speaking it is inadvisable to chrono your guns in direct sunlight. This is due to the shadows cast across the sensors. If one sensor is in direct sun and the other in shade, it will affect the trigger point consistency and therefore the measurement accuracy. You can also get reflections off of shiny projectiles causing early/multiple triggers.

The best time to chrono your gun is on an overcast day, early morning  or when the sun is below the treeline. If you absolutely must chrono on a very sunny day, shoot from a shaded area or turn the unit so that the sensors face away from the sun.

Chronoscope or Chronograph

Generally speaking a Chronoscope is the correct term to use unless the measuring device produces a hard copy. We tend to prefer Chronoscope but they are also commonly referred to as Chronographs and the words are used interchangeably.


The calibration is set in the factory and except in fault conditions, will not change significantly during the life of your product. The sensor spacing is the critical deciding factor and disassembling of the unit may affect the calibration. If the unit is disassembled, make a note of the order of the parts and be careful to put the spacers back in the correct positions and be very careful not to stretch the flexible circuits. There are no user serviceable parts inside and disassembling of the unit will void your warranty.

Link to Desktop

When you plug the USB cable into the unit, it will ask if you want to ‘Link to Desktop?’ The USB Link mode disables the keypad and allows our Shot explorer software to control the unit. If you are not using it with our Desktop software, select ‘No’.


The unit will charge more quickly if the unit is sent to sleep using shutdown mode. This reduces the power requirements to a few microamps. Plugging the USB lead in will wake the unit from sleep so plug in the USB lead before shutting down. A full recharge will take approximately 10 hours or overnight. You can re-charge several hundred times before the Li-Ion battery loses significant capacity.

Hard reset

Turning off the auto shutdown feature may result in a flat battery so it is not advisable.  If you went ahead and did it anyway and are now sitting there with a totally flat battery, plug the USB cable into the unit and select ‘No’ when asked if you want to connect to Desktop. Now press all three buttons together and hold for 5 seconds. This will force a hard reset of both processors and guarantee that your unit is in a known state and ready for use.

 30 Day Money back Guarantee

We want you to be happy with your Chronoscope and if you decide that it is not for you, you can return it to us in good condition and we will refund you the purchase price minus any shipping costs with no quibbles. We would ask that you give a reason for the return and details of any missing features or features that you do not like. We welcome all feedback on our products good or bad and operate a policy of continual improvement.


Our products come with 1 year back to base warranty but as they are the toughest units made, we expect them to last for many years to come.