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BC70 Mk2 Manual

BC70 MK2 Software (BC70 Mk2 only)


Download Utility v1.03

You have to install the USB Drivers before installing this Utility otherwise you will get just error screens. Follow the install instructions for the FTDI USB Drivers carefully, especially the part about the “Right Click” and run as administrator (Windows 7) to install them. The help page linked to from the utility is not yet available so will give an error but we wanted to get something out before Christmas and the program is fairly easy to use. For BC50/BC100 users, select File menu/Connect to Bluechron and then select the Live shoot tab to capture your shots. For BC100 users the shots can be stored in the BC100 unit and then you can use the read shot memory option to download them. Please email us if you find a bug, I’m sure there are a few so happy hunting and try to give a detailed description so we can repeat it and squash it.

We strongly advise that you tape the cable to the bluechron unit if you are using the live shoot mode as the micro USB connectors will not take the weight of a long hanging cable for very long and will eventually pull the connector from the PCB unless supported.

This utility will work with BC50, BC70 and BC100 units. Update to v1.03 for BC70 compatibility.

Download Utility v1.03

Download Utility v1.03 (zipped)

Version 1.03 fixes delimited export option.


USB Drivers

The Bluechron BCxxx Series units use the popular FTDI chips for the USB communication. This makes it easier to provide multi platform support for our software. In order to connect to the Bluechron units, you have to install the FTDI drivers for your particular platform. We link to them from here but the files are hosted on the FTDI site for copyright purposes. The main downloads page is here FTDI DRIVERS HOMEPAGE

For Windows users this is the direct link FTDI WINDOWS DRIVERS

These drivers have to be installed or all of our software will not be able to communicate with the Bluechron units. You will need to download the executable and then “Right Click” and run as administrator (Windows 7) to install them. This utility works for Windows XP,Windows 7,Windows 8.

BC50/50L Upgrade Utility
This utility allows the BC50/50L to be updated to the BC100/100L unit spec. This is not a free upgrade and the cost is the price difference between the two units. If you have not purchased the upgrade it will have no effect. You will need to upgrade in order to use the “Shot Explorer Software” when released although we will have a simple live shoot and logger program available free of charge for both BC100 and BC50 users shortly.

In order to purchase the upgrade, contact your local Bluechron supplier or you can contact us directly with your 12 digit serial number (setups/serial number from the main menu). Once we have your serial number and payment, we will update your registration information on our registration server and you can use this utility to perform the upgrade. We currently only have this available for Windows users.

Step1. Press “Connect to the Bluechron Chronoscope”. Make sure you have installed the FTDI drivers and the unit screen says USB Link Mode.
BC50 Updater Utility

Step2. Once connected, the utility will obtain an update request from the Bluechron unit containing the serial number. Press the “Send Update Request” button to submit it to the registration server.
BC50 Updater Utility

Step3. Wait for the server to process the request (10-20 seconds) and it will return with your upgrade key if you have paid, or an error message if you have not.
BC50 Updater Utility
BC50 Updater Utility

Step4. Press the “Apply Upgrade Key” button to update your Bluechron unit. It will only take a few seconds to update the unit and then power the Bluechron unit down and restart. It will restart as a BC100/100L.
BC50 Updater Utility

Download BC50 Updater utility .exe
Download BC50 Updater utility .zip