-----Precision Chronoscopes-----




OLED Display.

The BC series are the latest in our range of high precision multipurpose Chronoscopes. They are equally well at home attached to a high power PCP  air rifle using the supplied barrel mount, or attached to an open frame sky screen such as the SD1000. Every member of the series features the same high precision timing engine giving an amazing resolution even at supersonic speeds. Data captured for each shot includes the following:

Time stamp:   Year,Month,Day,Hours,Min,Second,Millisecond,Millisecond/10

Bullet Weight: The weight value set in the unit when the shot was captured.

Timer Count: 0..16777215 (62.5ns intervals)

Calibration Value: The calibration value set in the unit when the shot was captured.

Trigger Voltage: The value set in the unit when the shot was captured.

This is our entry level Chronoscope and does not store the shots but instead displays the current shot velocity and power and also transmits the current shot over the USB interface. It also shows rate of fire and the shot count but does not have the review/string and statistics features of the BC100.

BC50 Features

* Compact solid aluminium design.
* Records velocity from 5fps to 6000fps
* World class 16Mhz measurement rate
* Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
* USB interface (PC display software available)
* Can be used as remote for our open frame systems
* Narrow Multi Beam Infra Red works in low light levels
* OLED graphical display
* 0°C to 50°C Temperature Range
* Barrel sizes 12mm-30mm without adjustment

 BC50 Specifications

Case: 6063T5 Tempered Aluminium
Processor: 64Mhz Dual Cores
IR Sensors 4 per sensor 8 total
IR Beam Width: 1mm
Active Area: 16mmx12mm
Accuracy: Better than 1%
Measuring clock: 16Mhz (62.5ns)
Unit Dimensions 8cm x 3.5cm x 5cm
Weight 147g