-----Precision Chronoscopes-----




The SD1000 is for the serious user that wants the ultimate in accuracy.  With its solid aluminium construction, its wide 190mm x 90mm active shooting area and the 380mm screen spacing it is perfect for someone who works with guns on a regular basis. The BC100 can be docked into the SD1000 as shown above to provide the timing engine. The SD1000 does not come with the BC100 fitted and this should be purchased separately.

The modular sensor base has built in diagnostics which automatically checks all LED emitters and sensors on each plug in unit. The system comprises a master base unit (shown), a slave base unit which looks similar but lacks the LCD display /Processor unit and four vertical plug in units (two LED emitters and two sensors). The base units are spaced apart by two 380mm threaded metal bars.

sensors2Each emitter/sensor is only 7.5mm thick and plugs into the base unit where it is firmly secured with a knurled finger nut. Connection is made by a gold plated PCB connection with no cables required. Assembly takes only a few seconds.

A single cable joins master and slave base units. The master unit also has a USB charge port, a digital pulse out to allow use with other chronoscope systems and an extension port so that you can place the BC100 on the desk in front of you instead of on the master base unit if you are worried about shooting holes through it.

SD1000 Features

* Compact solid aluminium design.
* Modular  construction
* Wide 190mm active zone
* Built in diagnostics
* Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
* USB charging port
* BC100 Expansion port
* Pulse out for external systems
* USB charging port
* 10 hours continuous operation per charge
* Narrow Multi Beam Infra Red works in low light levels
* Back-lit LCD graphical display
* 0°C to 50°C Temperature Range

SD1000 Specification

Case: 6063T5 Tempered Aluminium
Processor: 64Mhz single core
IR Emitters 16 per module 32 total
IR Sensors 16 per module 32 total
Active Area: 190mm x 90mm
IR Beam width: 1mm
Accuracy: Better than 0.5%
Base unit dimensions 30cm x 6cm x 1.2cm
Module dimensions 18cm x 3.6cm x 0.75cm
Weight base 120g, modules 60g

Package contents

1 x Master base unit
1 x Slave base unit
2 x Emitter module
2 x Sensor module
2 x Spacer bar
1 Link cable
1 x Tripod mount block
1 x Instruction manual
BC100 unit is not included and should be purchased separately if required